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Our Instructors

Why Our Instructors Are the Best


Our instructors have not only their professional training, they also have specialized training to teach drivers. One of these specialties is how to handle emergency situations.


There are no training requirements for driving instructors in Missouri. Anyone with a drivers license can claim to be a driving instructor. Every driving school claims to have professional instructors. Our instructors are Protecting Children certified and have been thoroughly vetted.

Excel Driving School instructors have all had professional driver training. We have certified law enforcement instructors who taught advanced and emergency driving skills.

Not being properly trained can be expensive not only in terms of accidents and higher insurance costs, but also life altering.
Proper training can carry forward for years, lack of training will show up on the road.


We not only teach driving, but also talk with students about personal safety and awareness. These talks are based on real life incidents that our officers have encountered.

Choosing the best instructor for your student driver is the most important decision you'll make for their driving future. The training they receive now will carry forward through their entire driving career.


Highly recommend Excel Driving School! My daughter lacked confidence behind the wheel and we were able to see a difference in her after only one lesson with Jim. She completed all five driving lessons and she passed her driver’s exam with no issues. - Kelly


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