Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes and how much?

Classes are scheduled for 2 hours and cost $120 per session.

Do you supply the car?

No, we drive in the students vehicle.

Can siblings be taught at the same time?

No, we understand each student is an individual and want to be able to focus solely on one student at a time.

Can a parent or sibling ride in the backseat?

No, We want the student to remained focused on our instruction. Our officers quickly build bonds with their students.

Is it better to sign them up for classes if they have never driven, or should they have road experience first?

Either was will work. We like to teach them with little to no road experience. That way we can start them out without any bad habits.

How long does it typically take to finish the five lessons?

It depends on what works for the student and officer. We have worked with students over a twelve month period and other students have gone through the program in a couple of weeks.

Do you do lessons on the weekends?

Yes we do lessons seven days a week during the day and evening. We also teach lessons on most holidays.

What areas do you cover?

St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and parts of Jefferson, Warren and Lincoln Counties.